Dollies 600x400

dollies 600x400

When you need to move goods around the workplace, food grade plastic dollies from Congost offer you a safe and efficient solution. Our food contact plastic dollies are easy to clean with hygienic design and can be used with Euro size plastic boxes, containers, crates and trays with dimensions of 600x400 and 400x300 mm. Perfect for many industries including warehouse and retail distribution, transportation and logistics, food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, bakery industry and pharmaceutical industry. Our resistant dollies 600x400 have round corners, what make them very safe, without any danger of cutting oneself, and are easy to clean. They have been designed and are manufactured according to the ISB recommendations for the transport of meat crates, according to DIN/IS 55423 European Standard. The water-and-air-proof bearings resist to extreme temperatures, from -40ºC up to +100ºC and support loads over 250 Kg.