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Plastic Barriers

Plastic Barriers

Plastic Barriers

Resistent, very stable and durable, easily transportable and stackable, easy to install, UV resistant, 100% recyclable, removable and portable. Plastic Barriers from Congost are manufactured from environmentally friendly PP Copolymer. Available in two compatible sizes of 1,2 and 2 meter long with 6,5 and 9,2 kg weight. Thanks to 360° swivel feet, they adapt perfectly to irregular floors, uneven grounds. Their strong and perfectly stable design, making them ideal for use as a pedestrian barrier/crowd control barrier in queue management for public events, airports, and shopping malls.
Ecobarrier 2000
Ecobarrier 1200

Strong, stable and easily transportable; Congost's plastic pedestrian fences are made of polypropylene, weigh 9.2 kg, are 100% recyclable and easy to assemble. They easily adapt to uneven floors and are treated against ultraviolet rays, making them ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. Available in a wide range of colors.


360º swivel feet facilitating their use, stacking, and handling, resulting in considerable savings in transport and storage.


Available in 6 colors as well as the possibility of being customizable with the logo or brand of the company/entity in the central area, ECOBARRIERS Pedestrian Barriers are ideal for maintaining safety meanwhile promoting business in public and private spaces.


They can be easily transported with a total of 40 units fitting on a pallet.



Stabilized against Ultraviolet Rays 360º swivel feet
Central advertising area Secure & safe stackable system
Easy assembly Not rust, not deform
Not maintenance needed Not lines the floor


Plastic Barriers ECOBARRIERS are designed for maximum durability and resistance. Their extremely stable design makes them ideal for signaling and maintaining safety distances in public and common spaces. They are ideal for use in City Halls, Police Stations, Public and Private Entities, Organization and Event Companies, Universities and Colleges, Airports, Companies for rent, the Construction sector, Stadiums and Sports Centers, Ports, and Shopping Malls..